Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Mother Gothel Squidoo Earnings Bought Me A Limited Edition Doll

I just ordered one of the Mother Gothel Limited Edition dolls. I think I'm mad. But I've been following them a while, and I'm really pleased with figuring out when they'd be on sale (March 29th, as a secret surprise for the release of Tangled) and I knew they'd sell out, so I'd never get to see one. There's only 1500 - and I estimate about 500 must have been sold in the UK, maybe? Doesn't matter really, as they sold out in a day, however many it was.

 That's the trouble with putting yourself in the mind of a buyer when researching... you end up wanting to buy things yourself! The risks I run for authenticity *dramatic sigh*. And they're very big (43 centimetres high), and they do look pretty. I feel like it's my tribute back for all the content she provided. Also, it is definitely research. Definitely. Expect photos of her turning up on my Squidoo pages! (Actually, as soon as I thought 'awesome photography subject', well... I confess that may be my main reason!).

The advantage of Paypal being that it's all still virtual to me, so I can pretend that I didn't just spend that much money on a doll. And then of course, DisneyStore.com doesn't accept overseas Paypal. Bastards. So I had to use my credit card.

But I justified it :D I think I've earnt enough from all my Mother Gothel related lenses on Squidoo to pay for it (the shipping was nasty, of course, another $55).

Wait, let me just go estimate how much Mother Gothel has actually earnt me yet and see if that makes me feel better. Oh drat, haven't been paid for any yet, but will in a couple of weeks at the next payday! (dratted 2 month delays).

Right, Mother Gothel on Squidoo earnings, for all lenses to date, and predicted for April. For all except the main lens, my first payday for all of them will be in April, so I'll estimate the first payday and the Jan-April earnings (as typically, over time is a better indicator/earning rate anyway). Tier earnings are estimates, and can vary quite a bit.

About $9-10 in Amazon associate referrals from miscellaneous Tangled stuff (the Art of Tangled, the DVD, and the toy figure set) that could have come from any of the lenses.

Mother Gothel Dolls has two months of tier 2 pending, and might make tier 1 this month with the release, but will certainly stay in tier 2 easily. So thats ~$15 or if I'm really lucky, $40 for the first three months of earning.

Mother Gothel Fan Art will start earning in April, and it looks like that might be tier 2. So either 30c or $5.

The Magic Golden Flower is the same as the fan art page, but probably won't make tier 2, so 30c.

Mother Knows Best is a pathetic tier 3, so only ever 30c. So two months pending and no improvement = 90c

The main Mother Gothel page has been around a month longer, so already earnt me $33, and stayed happily in tier 1 - so until the end of April is another ~$90.

Cosplaying Mother Gothel made it into tier 1 for February and March, and will easily stay there all April, so $90. I'll also get a few dollars (estimate of $6 from Amazon Associates for costuming-related sales, including this awesome dagger and a Lined Black-Gold Velvet Cloak)

So total pending Mother Gothel earnings (plus $33 already paid):
This coming payday: $65.30ish which covers the cost of the doll! (but not the shipping)
Jan-April, all finally paid by June:
 Worst case - ~$200
Best case ~$230

It was worth it. And now I know what the title is. And I can't believe I could write so much about a character.

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