Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mother Gothel Sold Out

Looking back at my last post on buying a Limited Editon Mother Gothel doll, I realised that my New Zealand location must have allowed me to buy one of the very first dolls.

By the time I went to bed, a few hours later, they'd sold out. And there's at least 50 listings on eBay already - average price about $300, with many starting at over $400. I intend to gloat over mine... but only when I actually get her. And only in limited amounts. Starting to collect dolls (or anything, really) is a very bad expensive habit that I should not start!. Luckily I tend to dislike enough of them that I may be safe - most of the Disney ones have giant eyes, for one thing, and I am opposed to paying for something that annoys me and I consider bad design.

Anyway, if there's any more news, check out Mother Gothel Dolls to see it.
Edit: For example, the UK site had technical issues, and they didn't even put her up for a couple of days. Last I checked, she's still available - but only seems to ship within the EU.

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