Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Milestones and Markers

A quick update on matters of note.

Opened an icon journal at the_cat_icons on Livejournal.
Some samples:

(if you want to use, credit me and please drop by and leave a comment ^_^ )

Did a search on ArtRage in Google and both Squidoo sites were in first and second place ... admittedly right after editing them ^_^
The Squidoo sites are:
ArtRage Painting
DeviantArt ArtRage Artists

Sold things on Zazzle. This always makes me happy.

Set up a Twitter


  1. Hello, Thanks for visiting my blog and more importantly the links to ArtRage resources. I am trying to join the forum and have bookmarked the Squidoo tuts.

    Also am subscribing to this blog and hope to learn more from your art.


  2. Hi Vivki! Glad you liked the links ^_^
    Ah, if you want to learn from my art (I'm extremely flattered, btw) this prooobably isn't the best place. (Although maybe you'll guilt me into updating *ponders* XD) I'm usually on DeviantART (and a whole lot of other sites, but most of my work goes up on DA)

    Still, most places are linked on here! Oh wait, no they aren't. Most places are linked from HERE
    (I really DO need to update this blog)

    But feel free to ask questions, if you wish (here, on Squidoo, or in the forums, or on DA... I'll see it everywhere!)


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