Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Critique Competition for Article Writers in the SquidU Forum

I am running a contest over in for the most best and awesome critique-giving person.

I am bribing people with prizes.

Basically, I want you to go critique three or more articles/pages/lenses/leafs/hubs and/or post your own stuff up for other people to critique and/or nominate (via a private message on the forum to me) your top picks.

You can get an overview of the forum here on this lens I wrote about it, and you can follow the thread with the full rules and discussion here.

Whether or not you're interested in taking part, this is a great chance to get your stuff critiqued if you're looking for useful feedback. There are prizes for the top two critiquers, and a random draw prizes for somebody who sends in a nomination.

Prizes are funded entirely from my art commissions, so thank all those nice people that have commissioned me at some point.


  1. Critique is so important. It helped me immensely when I started writing online. If I hadn't accepted critique, I can honestly say that my work would be horrible. That being said, I've noticed over the years LESS people asking for critique, so this is a great idea to spur that on. Best of luck with the competition!

    1. Thanks Bill! And as noted, definitely open to Zujava people :D


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