Thursday, 6 November 2008

Zazzle: Today's Best Awards

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Today's Best Awards
- or TBAs - are picked from the products submitted on Zazzle each day. They're not common, but they aren't exactly rare, either.
Still, it's always lovely to get one!

So far, these have recieved TBAs:

Which I was delighted with, as it was one of the first 'real' art posters I submitted, and I had never heard of the TBAs.

Unicorn Postage Stamp stamp

Unicorn Postage Stamp

Which amused me - everyone likes unicorns! This is actually the only one I have painted since I started using ArtRage (over a year and a half now) - in fact, for a long time before that.
And the one thing I love most about Zazzle - and grieve the most over it being US-restricted* - are the customisable design your own postage stamps

*Because Zazzle only sells US stamps - anyone can buy them, but they'll only do you good if you're visiting the USA or need to send soemone a present!

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